The 2019 joint conventions of the Dioceses of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania were held at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania on October 25-26.

2019 Journal

Download the 2019 Journal of the Joint Conventions.


Download the Western New York nominations packet and the Northwestern Pennsylvania nominations packet.


Download the Western New York resolutions and the Northwestern Pennsylvania resolutions.

Download the Western New York budget narrative and the Northwestern Pennsylvania budget narrative.

Download the joint resolution on Forming a Joint Recovery Ministry Commission

Convention Documents

2019 Election Results

Western New YorkNorthwestern Pennsylvania
Standing Committee
James Isaac (lay)
Helen Harper (clergy)
Standing Committee
Stacey Fussell (clergy)
Cathy Dinger (lay)
Diocesan Council
Stephen Lane (clergy)
Wendy Palmer (lay)
Amy Swanson (lay)
Diocesan Council
Bill Ellis (priest)
Robin Murray (lay)
Matthew Lincoln (clergy)
Randi Hicks Rowe (clergy)
Constitution and Canons
Elizabeth Yale (clergy)
Anne Bardol (lay)
Clergy Deputies
C1 Lillian Davis-Wilson
C2 Cathy Dempsey-Sims
C3 Luke Fodor
C4 Claudia Scheda
C5 Isaac Ihiasota
C6 Michael Hadaway
Clergy Deputies
C1 Erin Betz-Shank
C2 Adam Trambley
C3 Mary Norton
C4 Melinda Hall
C5 Tim Dyer
C6 Stacey Fussell
C7 Elizabeth Yale
Lay Deputies
L1 Rose Sconiers
L2 Josephine Robbins
L3 Cheri Maytum-Krull
L4 Elizabeth Brauza-Hughes
L5 Lois Carter
L6 Faith Laudenslauger
L7 Susan Villenueve
Lay Deputies
L1 Craig Dressler
L2 James Steadman
L3 Ed Palattella
L4 Kaycee Reib
L5 Anne Bardol
L6 Sara Nesbitt
L7 Matthew Ciszek
L8 Jim McDonald