An Experiment for the Sake of the Gospel

Our dioceses are on a journey to discover how collaborating can help us transform our congregations and communities through the power of Jesus Christ. In our churches, everyone is welcome, without exception.

Welcome from Bishop Rowe

Welcome! God is calling us into a new reality here on the southeastern shores of Lake Erie. We hope you will join us in answering this call as we reach out to people who do not know the transformational power of Jesus Christ, people who have been pushed to the margins, and people who feel like they aren’t worthy to step into one of our big stone churches. The road to transformation may be rocky at times, but we hope you will walk it with us.

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About our Partnership

In 2018, our dioceses pledged themselves to an unprecedented collaboration because we believe that God was calling us to embrace new ways of working on behalf of the Gospel here along the southeastern shores of Lake Erie. We are 90 congregations, spread across 20 counties, but we are one church, united by faith and dedicated to serving our communities and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Here in this part of the country that many have forgotten, we believe that we have the potential to lead the church into a new season of growth.

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Find a Church

It isn’t always easy to find our way to God. The disciples we encounter on the road to Emmaus were heading in the wrong direction! They didn’t even recognize Jesus, whom they had followed for years—until he broke bread with them. Our church finder was created to make your search a little easier. Use it to locate congregations, ministry centers and church-related organizations across the region. You don’t have to be a member to attend our services, get involved in our work, or find solace and sustenance through our ministries.


Fruit That Will Last: A Sermon by Bishop Sean

Sumo oranges are almost as good as chocolate cake, according to Bishop Sean, but they are not fruit that lasts. Neither are bananas. Fruit that lasts comes from relationships like the ones we are cultivating in our partnership. “We knew we had fruit that was good as it is; that is wonderful just as it…

Jesus Takes Us to the Source: A Sermon by the Rev. Canon Twila Smith

“Jesus takes us to the source, the roots of our love that we receive from God grounding us in this relationship,” said the Rev. Canon Twila Smith in her sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter. “And Jesus also lays out change: movement, pruning and new growth, fruit, the what’s-not-yet, the next-ness of our becoming.”