The Certificate of Incorporation of the Diocese of Western New York (1922) and the diocesan canons provide for the diocesan trustees, which consists of the bishop, two members of the clergy, four lay persons elected by the annual convention. Two trustees are elected each year to serve for a term of three years.

All funds and property of the Diocese of Western New York held for investment are entrusted to the Trustees. The Trustees usually meet monthly on the third Wednesday, excluding July and August, and report annually to the diocesan convention on the funds committed to their care.

The Trustees hold title to the real property of the diocese and its missions, as well as funds that are available for loan to congregations and agencies of the church.

They also sponsor the Western New York Episcopal Diocesan Investment Trust, available to congregations and agencies of the church for investment purposes. Four funds are currently provided:

  • Fund A – Growth and Income Fund
  • Fund B – Income Fund
  • Fund D – Growth Fund
  • Fund E – Socially Responsible Fund

Quarterly statements are mailed to all participants. For information about the Western New York Episcopal Diocesan Investment Trust please call Maria Manocchio.

In addition, the Trustees manage a fund that benefits of the Anglican Diocese of Belize.

The Reynolds Funds are administered by the Trustees, and provide grants to congregations, particularly in the areas of Church Development and Growth, Expansion of Mission and Outreach, Starting New Ministries, and Collaborative Ministries. There are two funding cycles per year.

Current Members

  • Ms. Patricia LaLonde (term expires in 2024)
  • The Hon. Rose Sconiers  (term expires in 2024)
  • Ms. Karen Gengo (term expires in 2023)
  • Mr. Robert Matson  (term expires in 2023)
  • The Very Rev. Randi Hicks Rowe  (term expires in 2022)
  • The Rev. Matthew Lincoln (term expires in 2022)