The goals of the Standing Committees are:

  • To act as the bishop’s Council of Advice
  • To consent to bishop election processes as provided for by canon
  • To make determinations on those in the ordination process as provided for by canon
  • To act as the ecclesiastical authority in the absence of an active bishop diocesan
  • Represent people of the diocese in relation to the bishop.
Ministry descriptions of the diocesan standing committees:



Diocese of Western New YorkDiocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania
Mr. Eric Boron (2021)The Rev. Stacey Fussell (2019)
The Very Rev. Ellen Brauza (2019)Anne Bardol, Secretary (2019)
The Very Rev. Thomas Broad, President (2020)
The Very Rev. Dr. John Downey (2020)
The Rev. Luke Fodor (2021)Donna Billioni (2020)
Ms. Beverly Fortune (2019)The Rev. Jason Shank (2021)
Mr. Edward Hill (2020)Jack Malovich, President (2021)
The Rev. Deacon Diana Leiker (2022)The Rev. Dr. Mary Norton (2022)
Ms. Josephine Robbins (2022)Craig Dressler (2022)