For Congregations

The time of transition in clergy leadership can be a time of great hope and joy as the congregation envisions the future and begins to dream of what a new part of its journey might be. It can also be a time of great anxiety as the ending of relationships are grieved and the congregation lives with uncertainty.

The transition process for a congregation has parts:

  1. Saying goodbye to the departing priest and his or her family
  2. Arranging for clergy leadership during the transition
  3. Looking at the history, current life and ministries, and hopes and dreams of the congregation. This part focuses on telling the story of the congregation.
  4. Discerning the gifts, skills and talents the congregation has and those it needs in new clergy leadership
  5. Interviewing candidates
  6. Welcoming the new priest and his or her family.

The Transition Ministry Team supports congregations through this process. Wardens of congregations in transition can contact Rev. Jason Shank.

For Clergy

Deacons seeking to change their congregational assignment should note that to Bishop Rowe in their annual report to him.

Priests seeking a new position should email Rev. Jason Shank for one on one help.

The Office for Transition Ministry profile is the first step for priests seeking a new call. Make sure that your profile is up to date. If you do not yet have an OTM profile, you can register for one here.