Suspension of In-Person Worship to Last Through Holy Week and Easter

Earlier today in a video conversation with clergy of the partnership, Bishop Sean announced that the suspension of in-person worship will extend at least through Holy Week and Easter. His decision follows Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s March 17 request that in-person public worship, including Holy Week and Easter services, be suspended.

Bishop Sean is working with several congregations to offer online worship so that all congregations can gather together virtually. The broadcasts will tentatively begin on March 29 and will include Holy Week and Easter services. Congregations that want to offer online worship before then can consult this guide on the website. A list of online worship opportunities hosted by partnership congregations is also available on the website. To add your information, please email

When he initially suspended in-person worship last week, Bishop Sean wrote, “The COVID-19 epidemic is spreading so quickly that I cannot in good conscience permit gatherings that could easily hasten the spread of the disease and contribute to the collapse of our health care system.”

The suspension of in-person worship is in keeping with Centers for Disease Control recommendations to cancel gatherings of more than 10 people, especially those that involve people in high-risk populations.

Until churches are able to reopen, Bishop Sean will meet with clergy in a video conference each Wednesday.