Our New World is Taking Shape: 2021 Bishop’s Appeal

Dear People of God in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania,

You might remember that when we began our diocesan partnership two years ago, we drew strength from the story of the Exodus. And certainly in this last year, we have often felt like the people of Israel after their escape from Egypt, wandering in the desert with no clear path to the Promised Land. But now, as we look toward the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can find renewed hope that we will not live in this desert forever. Our new world is taking shape.

The 2021 Bishop’s Appeal is dedicated to raising the resources we will need to emerge from the pandemic by re-energizing our congregations, fortifying our antiracism efforts and collaborating with one another and with our communities to do the work that God has given us to do. Please join me in making a generous donation to support our participation in God’s mission.

Along with the rest of the country, we hope to return to something like normal this summer. When that day comes, we will have reason to celebrate, and also reason to recommit ourselves to one another and to our partnership. We know that some congregations will face hardships in reopening after the pandemic, but we are one church, and we will face the coming challenges together. Already our collaborative work is bearing fruit for congregations across our partnership, and our commitment to eradicating the sin of racism is transforming relationships and lives.

Your contribution to the 2021 Bishop’s Appeal will help make it possible for us to fulfill the commitments we have made to God and one another, and it will help us continue realizing the promise of our partnership. If your income has not been interrupted during this difficult time, I hope you will consider a generous gift.


Donate online.