All over our region, congregations are embracing new ways of working on behalf of the Gospel. If you have a story to tell about work your community is doing, please email us.

Fruit That Will Last: A Sermon by Bishop Sean

Sumo oranges are almost as good as chocolate cake, according to Bishop Sean, but they are not fruit that lasts. Neither are bananas. Fruit that lasts comes from relationships like the ones we are cultivating in our partnership. “We knew we had fruit that was good as it is; that is wonderful just as it…

Jesus Takes Us to the Source: A Sermon by the Rev. Canon Twila Smith

“Jesus takes us to the source, the roots of our love that we receive from God grounding us in this relationship,” said the Rev. Canon Twila Smith in her sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter. “And Jesus also lays out change: movement, pruning and new growth, fruit, the what’s-not-yet, the next-ness of our becoming.”

A Partnership to Feed the Multitudes in Jamestown

St. Luke’s Church in Jamestown, New York, is not just trying to change the way the city eats, it’s trying to change the way it thinks about food. Led by its rector, the Rev. Luke Fodor, whose passion for fresh vegetables is such that people send him produce-themed birthday cards, the parish has donated money,…

A Day-to-Day Decision: A Sermon by Canon Vanessa Butler

“Laying down one’s life is not just a once in a lifetime choice to be willing to die for a cause,” said Canon Vanessa Butler in her sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Easter. “Laying down one’s life is a day-to-day decision to live sacrificially for others.”

New Technologies, New Members at St. Andrew’s, Burt

Like members of many worshipping communities, the people of St. Andrew’s, Burt have become well-versed in the art of Zoom church during the past pandemic year. But even as in-person worship resumes, the congregation has no intention of returning to its pre-pandemic ways. “We’re not going back,” says St. Andrew’s senior warden Doug Wintersteen. “We’re…

Our New World is Taking Shape: 2021 Bishop’s Appeal

Dear People of God in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, You might remember that when we began our diocesan partnership two years ago, we drew strength from the story of the Exodus. And certainly in this last year, we have often felt like the people of Israel after their escape from Egypt, wandering in…