WNY Clergy Retreat (Day 1)

March 4, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram

We read and hear a great deal about the psychological traits of the Enneagram types, but the spiritual dimensions are less discussed. What do we mean by the “vice to virtue conversion as key transformative work?”  What is the difference between transcendence and transformation? These questions will be guides for our time together.

As we know, each of the nine type structures has specific fears that bind us and filters that blind us to the abundance and loving nature of reality. Automatic responses replace mindfulness and how we perceive reality through the lens of our type diminishes our experience of the sacredness of life.  The Enneagram offers us a map of ways we block our hearts from receiving and giving love, how we resist our deeper journey, and it offers us insights into the journey toward integration of all of who we are. We are created to evolve and grow into who we already are!

In our first day, we’ll explore the automatic patterns of each Enneagram type and consider some practices that can wake us up and bring us home to ourselves.  The second day will offer discussion on the virtues and enlightened spiritual perspectives of each of the nine types.

Through group exercises and discussion, self-reflect with guided questions, we will be invited to relax into the wholeness that we are.  Presence and receptivity will be core teachings during this workshop as we honor all of who we are.

Facilitator Sandra Smith, MDiv, a certified Narrative Tradition teacher, has taught the Enneagram System for over 20 years,  and she teaches the Enneagram internationally. She finds the intersection of personality and spiritually to be Holy Ground. Sandra co-hosts the podcast, Heart of the Enneagram and co-authored its companion book.

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Questions? Contact Gabrie’l Atchison.