NWPA Clergy Retreat

March 1, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Together we’ll take our Enneagram learning deeper as we explore the three specific instinctual drives that influence our Enneagram type:
the instinctual energy of  surviving or self-preservation
the instinctual energy of  belonging or social
the instinctual energy of  connecting or sexualWe have all three of these drives and one tends to be dominant. This most used instinctual energy is an arena of our strengths as well as our neurotic grasping.  During our time together we’ll discuss the three dimensions of each of these three subtypes and strategies for calming our grasping and    balancing the three drives. Many teachers believe that the subtypes play a central role in intimate relationships, perhaps more than Enneagram type.

When released through the compulsions of our personality type, these instinctual drives become subtypes that give the personality a particular look. Thus, two people who share the same Enneagram type may behave quite differently.
Our Enneagram type reveals how we perceive our environment, receive and process information. Subtypes are about output—how and where we expend our life’s energy. Understanding our subtype energies is central to our personal growth and self awareness and frees up energy that is overused in one subtype area.  Balancing these instinctual subtypes brings more energy for our relationships.

Questions? Contact Gabrie’l Atchison.