Alfred Price Named Canon Architect and Planner at Diocesan Convention

At diocesan convention on November 7, Bishop Sean read this citation naming Alfred Price, a longtime leader in the Diocese of Western New York, as an honorary canon of the diocesan partnership.

Dear Al,

The Buffalo region in general and, more particularly, the Diocese of Western of New York proudly claims you as its own. For more than seven decades you have been part of the fabric of our beloved diocese and wider church.

In the 1950s, Bishop Scaife, of great renown, made an episcopal request of your family who were members at Holy Communion Church in Buffalo. The bishop understood the importance of racial integration in the parishes and requested that your family attend the, then, all-white Ascension Church in Buffalo. At great personal sacrifice, your family accepted this calling. In so doing, you gave that congregation, our diocese, and our church a glimpse of the Beloved Community.

Since 1977 you served as distinguished professor of urban and regional planning in the School of Architecture & Planning at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Students learned about form and function, planning and strategy, beauty and grace, and most importantly, these only matter in as far as they serve others and our communities.

From your early days you have served as a devoted churchman answering the call the God through your local congregation, diocese, and across the church. Generations of acolytes learned to serve the altar of the God by your hand, vestries benefited by your wisdom, and confirmands learned the basics of the faith. Six bishops of Western New York have relied on your wisdom and your natural gift for urban planning and architecture, and your leadership of the architecture commission in the diocese means that our building resources are preserved and leveraged for gospel mission. The churchwide Union of Black Episcopalians recognized you with the Bishop Walter Dennis Award for canonical and ecclesiastical leadership. Over the span of ten General Conventions you served our church as a deputy, and several presidents of the House of Deputies appointed you to standing commissions and interim bodies.

Perhaps the finest insight into the strength of your character and commitment and that of your family is recounted in a compelling story of stewardship I’ve heard you relay. That is about a time when you were home from college after the death of your father and were attending the Sunday mass with your mother at Ascension, Buffalo. When the collection plate came around you noticed that your mother put two envelopes in the plate. When you asked her why two envelopes she replied, ‘I give one for me and one for you. Everyone needs a church home.’ Al, thanks to you, many have found that home in the Episcopal Church.

In thanksgiving for your service to our diocese and our church and recognition for your considerable witness to gospel, it is my privilege to name you Canon Architect and Planner and bestow on you the title canon for the Diocese of Western New York and the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Given under my hand and seal in the city of Buffalo on this 7th day of November in the year of our Lord 2020.

photo: Professor Alfred Price listens as Bishop Sean reads the citation naming him an honorary canon while the Rev. Barbara Price applauds.